Kemper is a songwriter head and shoulders
above his contemporaries, he has the gift of
melody and harmony from another time, and
with his beautifully provoking lyrics, he proves that he has plenty to say, too.


From "A Medieval Christmas"
1. "Divinum Mysterium"
2. "Down In Yon Forest"

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Music that is Celtic, Medieval, intelligent and sacred.

KEMPER CRABB is a singer/songwriter who draws his inspiration from medieval folk music.  Much of the music that he writes and performs is beautiful, haunting and melody driven. It is dark, yet full of light.  Kemper has a very calming and warm singing voice that can transport the listener to another place and time.  He also plays many instruments, lutes, recorders, mandolin, dulcimers, guitar, hurdy gurdy, and other assorted early acoustic instruments.

Kemper was born in San Antonio, TX and grew up with his younger sister as the son of a college English professor Mom and a high school football coach, and later College professor Dad. When he was six he read J. R. R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings" Trilogy and began his lifelong interest in science fiction, art, and spiritual knowledge. In the 70's Kemper formed the art rock band ArkAngel and in the 80's he released his first solo album of Medieval music called "The Vigil." It sold over one hundred thousand copies on vinyl, but went out of print by 1986.  The album was re-released on its 20th anniversary by FeverDream Records.

In the late 90's Kemper was a member of the Folk/Rock group Caedman's Call and also recorded his "Medieval Christmas Album" which is unlike any Christmas music you have ever heard. In 1997 he became a member of the progressive rock band Atomic Opera. Kemper is also an Episcopal Priest, Father, Grandfather, Writer, Teacher, and all-around nice guy.

There are not very many people who are equally talented as singers, musicians, songwriters, theologians and teachers. You owe it to yourself to get to know this man.


MP3s of Kemper's teaching
from St John the Divine

The Parish of St. John the Divine (Houston) is extremely delighted that the gifted musician/theologian Kemper Crabb has recently joined us on staff. We know that God will use him to enrich our lives in many different areas. We are also pleased to have FeverDream Records create this handsome space for some of Kemper's teaching which SJD very much wishes to share with the broader world. Thank you Frank Hart. Thank you Kemper Crabb.

The Church as a
State of Being

1- Overview 5-5-4
2- The Gift of the Body 5-12-4


Kemper has been all over the world and taught in many interesting places on any number of facinating topics, here is a small collection of them.
-Medieval Christmas Video
-On the Providence of God
-What is FeverDream about?


- Does God Know The Future?
- Is God in Control?
- Who Decides Who God Will Save?

- Interview with Kemper
A Medieval Christmas LIVE